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Our President & Co-Founder

I am Eugene Swinson, president, and co-founder of Big HOMIES. I am a loving father to two rambunctious boys and a long-time mentor in the Hampton Roads area. As a Basketball trainer and coach for Boo Williams Sports, I am also the owner of Fundamental Hoops training. I am also a Graduate of NSU 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Marketing. We created Big HOMIES to influence our future generations with positivity and goals to increase aspirations.


I believe so many young men have just become lost in today’s society due to the lack of influence around them. My goal is to show kids their true potential with access to information, programs, and advice to help them succeed.


Secretary & Co-Founder

​I am Alice, secretary, and co-founder of Big HOMIES. I am a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School and a Licensed Nurse specializing in Pediatrics. Being raised by my grandmother Ruth, I was in and out of church my whole life, but I have always considered myself a good Christian. I’ve always had a niche for helping others in need no matter if it was as small as advice or as big as money. My goal is to continue to do just that.


My most positive attribute of myself would be my ability to relate to others. I have found that no matter what or where a person comes from or is going thru, I can always seem to relate and adapt. My company, H.O.P.E is just as the acronym states Helping Other Pursue Everything; starting with Education, Experience, and leading to Excellence. My dream for Big HOMIES is to EAT; Empower and Teach people just like me that “… With God all things are possible”




Allow Me to introduce myself my name is DeCarlos Anderson treasurer of Big HOMIES. I am a native of Portsmouth Virginia, known for being a back-to-back champion and graduate of I.C. Norcom High School. I went on to All CIAA and graduate from ECSU with a master's degree in elementary education. Currently, I am a teacher for Portsmouth public schools. My goal for Big HOMIES is to move the community forward by mentoring and motivating our smaller youth through outreach.


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